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tree removal mn

Tree Removal Service

Tree removals are dangerous and need appropriate training as well as machinery to stay clear of costly errors. At Maplewood Tree Service we have a competent group of tree experts and the most effective equipment to safely and quickly get tree removal jobs done.

Why tree removal? You can remove trees to beautify the grounds or to prevent harmful hazards. You want to do this safely so contact us for a FREE , no obligation tree removal quote to figure out your next tree removal cost of project.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming is the most common tree maintenance treatment. Maplewood Tree Service has experienced tree experts to properly “style” your tree with each cut. All this is performed with the tree’s wellness in mind, making certain not to cut away too much. You will be proud to place your tree’s wellness in Maplewood Tree Service’s hands!

Tree trimming isn’t about just cutting the leaves and branches. Our arborists take an aesthetic route to your yard! That includes tree and bush design, tree pruning, planting and gardening, tree shaping, and more!

Grooming your trees, whether you need residential tree care or commercial tree care, will prove beneficial for your tree as well.

Don’t hesitate to submit a contact form or call us on 651-212-2194 to get a quote.

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Service Needed

Emergency Tree Service

Every kind of emergency requires various services. There are many occurrences to which you may need emergency tree help in Maplewood. We can’t imagine what it’s like to come outside and see your precious car pummeled by a tree. During stormy weather or just mismanaged trees that break off and topple over, accidents do happen.

Instead of doing it on your own and taking risks, you can simply call our tree experts and get it done at an affordable price.

emergency tree removal mn
emergency tree removal mn

Stump Grinding and Removal Services

Tree stumps usually rot and decompose on their own, however, this process usually takes years to be completely and naturally removed. Some people prefer to leave their stumps up for seating or just to delay the hassle, but stumps can pose a health risk to humans and neighboring animals. If you’re trying to get rid of the stump in your yard area in much quicker time, you can contact the tree experts from Maplewood Tree Service for all kinds of tree service in Minneapolis.

Storm Cleanup

When trying to figure out what to do with debris caused by storm damage, don’t think too hard! Maplewood Tree Service is fully insured and qualified to handle the aftermath of tornadoes, windstorms, lightning storms, snowstorms, and other damages caused by the elements. We clean up and remove any impeding debris to keep you and the environment safe.

storm cleanup maplewood
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